The Jargon

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Your guide to talking the talk of Lawn Bowls.

The Green

A natural grass or artificial playing surface, that is a Bowling Clubs pride and joy.  A full green is made up of 8 rinks.

The Rink

The Green is divided into 8 sections known as rinks.  Rinks are marked by a numbered peg in the middle and a boundary peg on either side.

The Ditch

This is the gutter around the edge of the green, filled with stones or pebbles.

The Bowl

The bowl is made of rubber or plastic resin and is nearly round in shape (one side is semi flat).  The side that is nearly flat is the bias side and is marked by the small grooved rings on the centre.   The opposite side is identified by large rings.  The bias is weighted so the bowl will turn or curve towards the small side when moving.

The Mat

This marks where you must stand and bowl from.  You must keep one foot this when you deliver your bowl.

The Jack

The small white ball that you are trying to get your bowls closest to.

The Head

This is where the jack and any bowls have come to rest (within your rink).

An End

Once the jack and all of the bowls have been delivered, the shots are scored.  This is an End.  Ends are played in turn from opposite directions.

A shot

The bowl or bowls closest to the jack is referred to as a ‘shot'.


A bowl that touches the jack is considered a ‘toucher'.


A type of aggressive delivery where the intention is to ‘knock' or ‘drive' your competitors bowl or the jack from it's current position.