Learn to Play

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Your guide to the game of Lawn Bowls.

Walk the Walk:

Most MIB club's play ‘Two Bowls Triples'.

Upon finding the rink that you are playing on, meet your opposition and toss a coin to decide who will start the first end.


Next organise your team's playing order out of "Lead", "Second" or "Skip".  The Skip will stand at the opposite end of the rink that you are playing on and give a running commentry as to where to bowl and who is winning!


The lead will then place the mat in the centre of the rink and stand with both feet on the mat. Next, the lead will bowl the jack down the green to set the distance for the end.  If the jack goes out of the rink or into the ditch or off to the side, the skip will place the jack in the centre of the rink.


The lead then bowls their first bowl.  To deliver, hold the bowl in your preferred hand, palm up, with the small circle on the inside.  Remember the bowl will curve towards this side.  Keeping a straight arm, wind back and then swing your arm down past your waist.  At the same time step your front foot off the mat towards the jack. Release the bowl and watch as your bowl heads towards the jack.


The end will continue with each player alternating.  Eg, Lead, opposition lead, second, opposition second until all have had two bowls.  Then, the skips will return to the mat to bowl.

To work out the scoring;

The closest bowl to the jack is a shot.  If the next closes bowl is from the opposition team, then the winning team only scores one point.  However, if the next closest bowl is from the same team, then the scoring continues until an opposition bowl interrupts the run.  Eg: If the three closest bowls are from the same team, then they would score three.

NB:  Not intended as a training manual!  Feel free to ask your MIB volunteer for advise on how to refine your style